5 Healthy Things to do this week

Make your week a healthier one by incorporating these five things into your life. Change your life for the better a little bit at a time!

Soup is good food – Broth-based soups are low in calories and will satisfy you. Make a homemade soup, using little or no meat and lots of fresh, healthy veggies. Try our Spicy Pumpkin Gumbo below!

Take a bike ride and enjoy the beautiful palette of autumn leaves.

Add some activity in during your workday. Get up every hour or so and do some lunges and pushups. Great way to get extra strength training in!

Go for a walk at lunchtime. The fresh air will energize you and you’ll feel much more alive in the afternoon.

Have a handful of sunflower seeds or a banana and peanut butter around 2pm. That will help you through the 3 o’clock doldrums, when most people are tempted to have a candy bar or some other sugary or starch carbohydrate.

What healthy thing will you do this week?


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