Welcome to FitLife funlife!

Welcome to my blog! You’ll find a wealth of useful tips, strategies, and information to help you live a fit and healthy life to its fullest. Healthy living, contrary to popular belief, is a lot of fun. And it feels great – imagine waking up every day, full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to conquer the world!

That’s what this site is about – enjoying the many bounties that life offers, using exercise and good, nutritious food to keep you healthy and dynamic. I’m a personal trainer and wellness coach with over twenty years of experience. While gyms are great for getting fit, I’m a proponent of using the world as your gym. So you’ll find information on outdoor activities and workouts to keep your exercise fresh. From exercise tips to actual workouts, we’ll make sure you are well equipped with the best in fitness advice, all based on scientific principles. No celebrity workouts here.

I also believe in the power of food to prevent illness. Food is energy and fuel, and we should treat our bodies like the amazing, well built machines that they are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating! You’ll find a plethora of healthy recipes that are easy to prepare. Most are low in calories, but I also believe in having treats occasionally – it’s all about planning those treats. Since knowledge is power, we’ll help you identify when a food is healthy or a diet disaster.

And from a social activism standpoint, I believe in local, sustainable foods. Our current food system is broken and unhealthy. Since I’m a journalist as well, I will present both sides of the story and let you make you own judgments. As with anything in life, there’s both a cost and a benefit. I want you to have the information so you can weigh the risks and benefits and decide on your own.

Whether you’re 25 or 55, you’ll find a wealth of great ideas and information on this blog, all presented in user friendly form. And I encourage you to interact in the community – provide feedback, ask questions, and let me know your own tips and strategies.

As in the attached video, this is living – and we are never too old to grab all that life has to offer us. Enjoy!


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