Rev it up with High tempo interval training

I’m missing summer already. The cold and rainy weather that we had last week in Chicago was an unwanted sign that I have to be ready with a different workout for those inclement days.

Spring and summer are glorious, cardio-filled days for me. I love running in the early evening, feeling the warm breeze and remnants of the sun licking my bare shoulders. My bike and I become one. I thrive riding in the hot sun on a warm day. But those days are over.

While I will still run outside in the winter months, there are just some days that are too radical for me. But I absolutely hate running on a treadmill like a gerbil for an hour. That’s when my cardio interval training kicks into high gear.

Intervals are a great way to train different energy systems of the body. Sure, I’ll still sprint during the summer. But the forced indoor workouts allow me to measure my intervals accurately. The beauty of this type of workout is many: it’s a fat burning workout; it’s flexible and always changing; and you can get a great cardio and strength training workout in a quick period.

During the workout, simply alternate bouts of strength training with cardio intervals on the treadmill. The intervals can be as short or long as you want them to be. The key is to move FAST throughout the workout, never stopping for more than a minute to rest.

Here’s an example of one workout I did last week. Adjust it to make it harder or easier. I guarantee you’ll break a sweat!

Workout: Alternate a 10 to 15 minute running interval with a strength training interval for 3 sets of each.

Strength training interval consisted of Incline chest presses, single arm bent over rows, stepups, elevated lunges, flat bench flyes, and standing cable rows. Each exercise consisted of 12 repetitions at an appropriate weight to reach failure in 12 reps. Move from exercise to exercise without stopping in between.

Cardio interval consisted of varying speeds of running for random intervals. For example, I may do a minute at a 9 minute mile, then switch to a slower 10 minute mile for 40 seconds, then switch to an 8 minute mile for a minute.


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