5 Ways to Work Out Consistently

Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss regimen. But the best workout routine in the world won’t work if you don’t do it consistently. Sure, you made it to the club four times this week, but it won’t matter much if you only work out once next week. Each of us, though, are busy with work, families, and fun. So how come some people manage to work out consistently? Consider these five strategies to help you work out consistently:

  1. Set a total goal for your workout minutes weekly and make sure to hit that goal 95% of the time. How many workout sessions do you want to ideally achieve each week? How long will your sessions last? It’s important to have a definite exercise goal to focus your efforts on. Now multiply the two together to obtain your Total Goal Workout Minutes per week. Focus on hitting those goal minutes no matter what comes up. For example, if you plan on doing five 30 minute sessions weekly but a late meeting prevents you from getting to the club, make sure to increase your session durations the rest of the week so you still add up to 150 minutes.
  2. Keep a written exercise log. It’s human nature to overestimate our efforts. By keeping track of the amount of time you spend working out each day, as well as the activities involved, you’ll find you are much more aware of your patterns. Tracking also ensures that you’ll hit your target minutes that you set above.
  3. Plan on exercising daily, banking your minutes as if it was an “exercise savings acount”. If you start your week planning on working out daily, conflicts will likely occur during the week. Since you’ve already starting banking your minutes toward your weekly goal, you can afford the day off and still hit your goals.
  4. Try two exercise sessions per day. If it’s increasingly difficult to break away for 45 minutes to exercise, you may want to break it up into two smaller sessions. It may be easier for you to work out for 20 minutes in the morning before work and an additional 20 minutes right after dinner. And you can always work out longer if you are rocking it!
  5. Have alternative plans scripted and ready to go. If your regular workouts consist of running outside, what is your go-to plan if the weather is too nasty? You may be a regular at your weekly kickboxing class, but what happens if you have to miss it because of a family conflict? Have alternative strategies planned out for when your first alternative doesn’t work. For example, If it rains tomorrow and I can’t run, I will do my P90X workout DVD. If I am travelling on a business trip, I will get up extra early to work out in the hotel gym before client meetings and dinner.

What strategies do you use to stay consistent in your exercise routine?



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