Ferreting out Healthy Fast Food: Zoup – Great Soups for All!

It would be great if we could all bring our lunches to work everyday, or have a personal chef concoct a healthy and delicious meal. In reality, sometimes we just need a quick and simple solution for lunch or dinner. While healthy and fast food do not usually go together, there are some decent options around. Zoup is one of them – newly opened in Downers Grove, they have approximately 41 locations across the US, concentrated in about ten states.

Soup is good food, advised the Campbell’s Soup commercial many years ago. And it’s mostly healthy, especially if you stick to broth-based, veggie soups. The water in soup provides part of your daily water needs and it’s a great way to get several servings of vegetables. And it warms you up from the insides – always a good thing, especially in Midwest winters.

Zoup is a fast-casual restaurant that features 12 varieties of soups daily, and rotate choices each day. I’m pretty skeptical about most restaurant and store-bought soups – they are either too salty or the contents are too mushy. On a recent visit to Zoup, though, I tried several of their soups and was fairly impressed!

They also designate the daily choices as vegetarian, dairy free, low fat, spicy, and low points options. They also list their gluten-free options as well. Kudos to them on their nutritional awareness. Their online menu changes daily, and you can easily view the ingredients in each soup and get their nutritional information as well. Orders can be placed online. Zoup also has several salads and sandwiches as well.

I had a piping hot bowl of their vegetarian split pea soup, while my husband slurped on a bowl of Mexican Chicken. Both were good!

At around $6 for a 16 ounce bowl, you can’t go wrong! Zoup is a wonderful option for healthy and simple food for lunch and dinner. Hope to see more of these open soon!


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